Screaming Valkyries is a delightful (because I said so) little project brought to you by Warped Productions. It is a 2D side scroller (oh no, not again!) where starships, fighters, robots and giant aliens do battle. The game takes place in the Macross universe (the predecessor of Robotech here in North America), where the forces of UN Spacy protect humanity from the giant warrior race known as the Zentradi.

Become a Valkyrie pilot and take the war against the aliens to the stars. Transform your Valkyrie to Battloid, Gerwalk, or Fighter mode and fire all weapons to dispense heavy-handed justice to the evil invaders.

This game has many outstanding (okay, mediocre at best) features to enhance your gameplaying experience. Yeah, I know it is not a 3D hardware-accelerated, first person space simulator, but still, it can be pretty fun. So back off. To prove it here are some of the aspects of Screaming Valkyries that make this scroller a cut above the ordinary.


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