Blow stuff up
Lots of it. Use gunpods. Use missiles. Because that's what the aliens will be using to blow you up. Don't worry about feeling guilty. They had it coming. They tried to destroy mankind...

Multiple Variable Fighters
Players can select which type of Valkyrie they wish to fly. The current list includes the VF-1X Plus Valkyrie, the VF-11 Thunderbolt, and the VF-19 Excalibur. However, more will likely be added if there is enough demand, and I feel like it.

Different missions types
This game is not just a mindless shoot'em up. Although that is the best part. But you are also be able to fly a variety of different missions, such as escort duty (for things such as a Cat's Eye recon plane, or a Star Goose shuttle), raids, and rescues, along with the usual body count-a-thon.

Mission Generator
Well, there are only so many things you can do with a 2D side scroller, but you will be able to set up some missions of your own by tweeking certain parameters.

Control over Valkyrie modes
For some reason, most other Macross-type games I've played have some odd system for selecting modes. Such as the game picking the mode for you, or having to get powerups. Not with Screaming Valkyries baby! You can switch modes from battloid robot (yeah, I know in Macross it's Battroid, but I could never get used to that), to Gerwalk half plane/half robot, to fighter whenever your little heart desires.

Ground Combat
The Valkyrie will be able to land on various landscapes and do battle with fat, juicy targets.

If I get around to implementing ground, what better to add than destroids? They will definitely be around as eye candy and to help you blow up aliens, and perhaps you will be able to pilot them as well. Although, since it is a 2D scroller, it may not be as fun as it should be. Unless it is a MK II Monster, that is.

Different Environments
Not only will you be able to fly around in space, but also in various atmospheres, such as good old blue sky and clouds.

Anti-UN mecha and craft
Different mecha and equipment used by the Anti-UN, including the Renegade Power Armor. I may even add ships of my own design, like X-Wings. Just kidding.