Here is the layout of Warped Productions. Hopefully you can find things easily. If not, look harder.

ABOUT - The About Warped Productions section will provide you with a little insight into who I am and what this site is all about. Think of it as Unfequently Asked Questions. I know you are just dying to know everything. Just relax, the answers are coming...

HOME - To dispense with introductions.

NEWS - The news page is just a way to let all the people out there in cyberspace know what the hell is going on around here. It may seem like nothing is going on most of the time, but don't be fooled. Things are in motion and hampsters are spinning around in there little wheels behind the scenes.

MOVIES - There are all kinds of delightful things on the movies page. From there you will be able to see Warped Productions movie reviews. There I will give my many valued opinions about many of today's gifts to entertainment. I will try to post new reviews on a regular basis, so be sure to come by often. If you have a movie review, be sure to send it along to me and I will post it. Also on the movie page is Star Wars Warped Style! By far my favorite movies of all time, I thought I would share some of my views on a galaxy far, far, away.

MUSIC - My music page is mainly to do with the Beastie Boys. Thanks to Shockwave you can listen to some sound clips of the boys dropping some mad beats. Let's face it. It's time to get ill.

MEDIA - Here you might happen upon any of my projects that I think belong here. For example, 3D Studio Max things, Shockwave animations, movie clips, etc. Don't expect anything too spectacular yet. But surely you will find something to amuse you for a few minutes.

GAMES - There are those who might ask, what are the "productions" of "Warped Productions"? Well, those people will pay for their insolence. On the "Games and Other Productions" page, I will be posting the video games that I am developing as a little hobby. There are a couple java applet games there, but most of the upcoming stuff will all be DirectX types. Aren't games what life is all about?

2 CENTS - My 2 Cents is one of my favorite pages, because this is where I rant about whatever is bugging me at the moment. I know you will all want to listen to that. Just remember, don't take everything there at face value, my views aren't really that severe. And if you disagree with some of my opinions, I encourage you to tell me yours and I will put them up.

LINKS - As you may have guessed, there are links there. That's just solid GUI design. It's all self explanatory. You'll be able to go all over the place from that page. The law of averages says that you are bound to find SOMETHING you like.

SEARCH - Isn't it obvious by now?

GUESTS - Now, I want all you people to be good little boys and girls and sign the guestbook. It will take .5 seconds. Really. Such are the wonders of technology today. In all seriousness (which is what exactly?) I would be happy if you would sign it. It makes me feel like a big man.